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Sand Sea is an artist’s book featuring the works from Brooke Holm’s photographic series by the same name. The book focuses on the duality of light and dark and includes an introduction by the artist. The book has a fold out concertina cover with a sculptural deboss and foil stamp. It is unbound, held together […]

In the oldest desert in the world, the tallest sand dunes tower hundreds of metres into the sky. From dawn until dusk the colors of the dunes shift with the sun in stunning gradients of burnt reds and dusty pinks. Diving into the three-million-hectare expanse of Africa’s Namib Sand Sea, it would appear never-ending. With […]

Sea Lake depicts Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s largest salt lake where evidence of human habitation has been found and documented as the oldest amongst Victoria and Tasmania. In this historically profound site of early human and nature bonding, a contemporary appreciation is explored from a birds-eye perspective, creating abstract visuals of the shallow crusted lake in […]

In a group show for Friends and Associates A.G.M (Annual General Meeting) Brooke Holm and Maddie Sharrock explore Earth’s opposing environments through a collaboration of sculpture and photography. Holm’s photographs depict two contrary scenes; icy glacial crevasses versus steaming geothermal vents, while Sharrock’s textural sculptures mirror the layered composition of a glacier in earthy tones. […]

Mineral Matter explores the interplay between Iceland’s dynamic river deltas and traces of mankind’s curiosity. Volcanic ash, sediment and colorful minerals are collected and moved by the travels of glacier water while recent human relics such as vehicle tracks and footsteps weave in and out of frame. In this terribly beautiful yet forbidding landscape where […]

Salt & Sky brings together Brooke Holm’s landscape photography with her keen eye for linear compositions in a series that depicts the salt fields of Western Australia. Brooke is fascinated with both the tension and bond that exists simultaneously between humans and the natural world. The salt field landscapes that she captures are based within the […]