Brooke Holm Photographer » New York Photographer of interiors architecture still life and fine art


In her series ‘UP’, Brooke Holm seeks the unknown, the abstract and the fine details, which can sometimes be overlooked in haste or inattention, both byproducts of a chaotic world.

This work delves into human beings’ unique relationship to nature, both in the organic and inorganic way it is shaped by us. The study of this interaction is a driving factor for the creation of Holm’s artwork.

Changing perspectives and challenging social and cultural constructs becomes a matter of attention when the world is looked at from an alternate angle. Holm finds the perspective tilt inspiring and mind opening and shares this through her visual interpretations of the world we have built.

Aerial photographs from the Yarra Valley, Australia. Featured in Melbourne Milieu Broadsheet Issue 2, 2016.


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